I believe a business is a reflection of it’s founder.

Success is not only found in correct marketing funnels and social media strategy. It’s also how you conduct yourself as a business owner and how you align to your goals, target audience and ideal income.

Of all the business tools, programs and education I’ve seen, none of them touch upon these internal aspects of creating a business.

Not until my Kinesiologist, Kerry Rowett, launched Align & Attract. 

Kerry helped me tap into my internal wisdom so I can be guided intuitively in the decisions I make for my business.

I completed the 5 week course earlier this year and saw The Healthy VA shift dramatically from VA services, to education, community and consulting.

Kerry helped me evolve into the next stage of my career, feel more grounded and aligned to what I really want to achieve in life (not just in business).

As I found the course so valuable, I’ll be taking part again from 9th May. If you’d like to find out more and join the course with me, visit Align & Attract here >>