It occurred to me after approx 6 months of being a Virtual Assistant that there are only so many hours in a day.

So many hours per day = only so many clients I can help = only so much income I can create.

The same with Health Coaching and any one-to-one service based business.

That’s why you see all these online programs popping up on Facebook.

People want to (need to) scale their business in order to create sustainable income, and online programs are popular right now.

But what if there is another way?

For me, it’s about hiring other VAs to join my healthy team. And I’m starting to build something quite special from this.

But for you, the health business owner…. how many more clients can you coach in your 7 hour working day? (that’s if you even want to work 7 hours per day?)

Imagine coaching 100+ clients with ease. Touching base and connecting with all of them one to one.

With no overwhelm, and still being able to manage a freedom lifestyle.

Nudge Coach can do just that – it can help you create a consistent stream of coaching clients and change the lives of many at once.

Scaling your health business whilst maintaining that authentic personal touch.

Recently, I helped Nudge Coach to launch in Australia! Together we hosted a webinar to showcase Nudges innovative online tool that enables Health Coaches, Personal Trainers and other healthy entrepreneurs to support more clients to better health.

Watch the video here:

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