I recently struck up a friendship with a fellow entrepreneur in the states….. over Twitter!

The instant we tweeted, we clicked (pun intended).

We’re both in business to support the health & wellness space and share the same values, so I feel our paths were destined to cross online.

Mac from Nudge Coach is my new Twitter friend.

He and his business partner Phil invited me to host a webinar with them… and it was so much fun!

Having worked as a VA with hundreds of health and wellness businesses, I’ve learned the most effective marketing strategies that help convert leads into clients. I also recognise the fear and misunderstanding that hold a lot of new Virtual Assistants back.

So, when choosing a topic I knew exactly what I wanted to share.

Watch the Webinar video below to learn about:

  • How to create an authentic social media presence that inspires and attracts your ideal clients
  • How to turn your Facebook followers into potential clients
  • How to take your potential clients on a journey to buying your services

Note: the webinar is directed at Health Coaches, but the information I share is also applicable to other small businesses.

To find out more about Nudge Coach, click here >>