Marla Bozic is ‘The Original Health Coach’ who first built her health coaching business OFFLINE, by networking and connecting with local schools and practitioners.

I’ve built my business reputation and client base through the ONLINE space, and whilst working with Marla as a Virtual Assistant she opened my eyes to the importance of dominating the offline world, just as much as online (even as a freelancer).

In this video we chat about the differences between online vs offline platforms, and which is better for growing your business.




profile-picMarla Bozic is Australia’s first Health Coach, and has been practising for over 5 years. Vitamin L’s mission is to inspire families to enjoy nourishing foods and a wholesome lifestyle through one on one sessions, corporate wellness programs, school workshops, cooking classes and health food store tours.

Marla now also leads groups of Health Coaches in the art of being a Coach in their community, offering mentoring accountability groups. To find out more about Marla visit: