If your ideal clients are in the health and wellness industry, then the best time to market and promote your virtual assistant business is…… NOW!

The holiday season.

Think about it…. over the next 6 weeks there’ll be Holiday parties, New Year celebrations and stressful family chaos. Even a health-conscious individual like me will consume copious amounts of (organic) wine and indulge in not-so-sugar-free treats!

I have no doubt that most people will enjoy the festive season, but with the intention to restart their health and wellness activities in the new year.

This means increased business for health and wellness clients with weight loss and fitness programs, and so they’re likely to require extra support from an awesome virtual assistant, like yourself, during this time.

If you’re looking to pick up a new client or two, seize this opportunity by ramping up your marketing efforts. Let potential clients know how you can help to unburden them during this hectic time of year.

This is also an ideal time to offer additional short term or long term support to your existing clients. If you have the capacity to take on new tasks, make sure that your current clients are aware of this. Propose ideas for new tasks that you can support them with to help lighten their load.

Keep up your marketing efforts during the holidays to make the most of this time of year, so that when potential clients are ready to enlist the support of a virtual assistant or your current clients find themselves in need of additional support, you’ll be front of mind.