If you’re in the process of creating or managing a virtual assistant business, it’s important to understand the advantages of systemising your business from the get go.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that systemising is a key ingredient to achieving the vision and goals of their businesses.

First off, what do we mean by systemise?  

To systemise simply means putting standard procedures in place that enable you to document, organise and perform your business related tasks using orderly, consistent, and streamlined methods.

Here’s an example… Take a look at franchises like Fitness First and Boost Juice.

You’ll notice these businesses are the same wherever you go, not just in appearance but in the way tasks are carried out too. For example, when joining Fitness First, everyone goes through the same on-boarding process – membership form, personal tour of the gym and complimentary backpack.  With Boost Juice, watch how each employee makes the Juice or Smoothie in the same way – from ordering, to blending, to cleaning the appliance.

Businesses like these have been able to grow and scale because they have standard systems/procedures in place to ensure the day to day tasks are completed in an efficient and consistent manner. This also ensures their brand is the same in every location.

Now, you may not want to scale your virtual assistant business. Your goal may be to work-from-anywhere as a solo-preneur, with just a handful of clients. Even so, it’s still important to systemise.

Here’s why:

You’ll get back the most valuable resource of all…… TIME!

  • Creating standard procedures for your business gives you the opportunity to automate processes and cut your manual time in half.
  • Imagine completing a call with a potential client, and with a few clicks of the mouse, the client has paid, signed their contract and is ready to start delegating tasks to you. No need to follow up, send reminders and update your calendar. With an automated or outsourced ‘process’, it’s all done for you, while you sit back and sip herbal tea!

You’ll make more money.

  • With the majority of your procedures automated, you’ll reduce your to-do list and gain at least a few extra hours per week to focus on income generating tasks, such as learning new skill sets or marketing to new potential clients.

You’ll be able to delegate and outsource with limited training.

  • If you intend to hire team members for your virtual assistant business, building procedures ahead of time is a must. Providing step by step instructions of how you’d like work to be completed will make a HUGE difference in the efficiency and productivity of your team members . It will also reduce your need to follow up and make amendments, and helps set clear expectations for your business standards too.

Your clients will love the consistency.

  • In a study of 27,000 consumers, researchers found that consistency across the entire customer journey will increase customer satisfaction, build trust and boost loyalty. From the first moment a client engages with you, you create a level of expectation, therefore it’s in your best interest to maintain that expectation (or exceed it!). Helping your clients to automate processes will help immensely in building their confidence and trust in you.
  • When I first started as a VA, none of my clients had written or video procedures. This could have made our work more challenging and time consuming had I not been the most organised and process-driven person ever! Fortunately, I was able to work off the cuff and create processes on their behalf.

You’ll have more creative freedom to focus on the tasks you love.

  • The true purpose and beauty of systemising is it enables you to create that freedom-based lifestyle you strive for. With automation in place, you’ll be able to step away from the business for periods of time and have the processes continue to function without you.

Ready to start systemising your business?

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